McKInstry Lauded

Washington State cleantech leader and WCTA Platinum leader McKinstrySeattle Business magazine named McKinstry the Large Firm Manufacturer of the Year:  Silver Winner.

Silver Award Winner: McKinstry, Seattle

“You might best know McKinstry as a commercial-building manager, but it also runs a significant manufacturing operation, including a 150,000-square-foot fabrication facility. In 2012, McKinstry put $2 million into such improvements as a new line for making rectangular ductwork. The new line can produce 60 percent more in the same time as the old one. McKinstry’s goal is to have components delivered to a job site on modular skids without requiring much field fabrication before installation. The results, McKinstry says, are better quality, lower costs, faster delivery and safer job sites.”

Source:  Seattle Business, May 2013.