Plum Energy, World CNG Noted in BloombergBusinessWeek

Source: Bradley Olson, Why Natural Gas-Powered Vehicles Are Catching On, BloombergBusinessWeek, May 2, 2013.  This article mentions several WCTA members.

World CNG:  Garret Alpers, founder and CEO of World CNG, a Seattle-based company that converts traditional gasoline cars into dual-fuel vehicles for as little as $8,000, estimates a taxi owner could recoup his expense in a year.

In 2008, as the recession eroded his business building race cars, Alpers ventured into natural gas conversions. By 2011 the company had revenue of $10 million; in 2012 it rose to about $14 million. He expects to do $30 million this year and as much as $60 million in 2015. “The transportation sector for natural gas has the opportunity to really pop in the next few years,” Alpers says.

Plum Energy:  “These are early days, but we’re on the brink of one of those tectonic shifts that occur every 100 years in the energy game,” says Kirt Montague, chief executive officer of Plum Energy, which develops fueling networks for trains, ships, and drilling rigs powered by natural gas. “For years, I felt like we were the only ones drinking the Kool-Aid. Now that’s no longer the case.”