Opportunities in Tackling Climate Change

Climate change is a serious challenge for our society and for businesses around the world. As a company, we are focused not only on ways for us to reduce the environmental impact of our business, but also on the important business opportunity climate change presents. We believe that climate change is and will continue to drive significant changes in business and society, with the help of the government.

Lead by example. Governments can help save energy and benefit the environment by seeking to apply the power of information technology to energy and sustainability challenges across buildings they own and across the jurisdictions they oversee.

Invest in research to help accelerate new technologies. Governments need to further fund basic science research and research into renewable and sustainable low-carbon energy sources. By leveraging the power of cloud computing and investing in infrastructure such as the wide-scale broadband connectivity and broad deployment of smart meters necessary for many IT-enabled energy solutions, cities and governments around the world would be able to accelerate the infrastructure needed to drive dramatic improvements in energy efficiency and use of renewable and intermittent energy.

Reform energy regulations to foster demand-side management. 

  1. Free the data.
  2. Allow prices to vary.
  3. Promote interoperability.

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