Welcome Phytelligence, 2013 CTO Semifinalist!

petri_plantsPhytelligence is filling a void in the agriculture industry by providing excellent plants and innovative solutions to three major problems:

  1. Plant delivery is delayed by 3 -5 years after placing an order and depositing money,
  2. Plants are received with bare-roots – roots are damaged when dug out of soil which result in significant mortality and delay in establishment of a planting in orchard by a year or two,
  3. A significant number of plants are not what was ordered due to potential mix ups of inventory. This may take years to discover, & result in additional cost and missed opportunity.

Phytelligence uses proprietary propagation techniques, logistics, inventory management and customer fulfillment that more efficiently deliver guaranteed plants to growers. The core business of Phytelligence is the propagation and sale of superior quality plants with guaranteed genetic identity for the US fruit-growing industry. Products include hard-to-get rootstocks and scions, and later grafted plants from 8″ whips to larger trees. Phytelligence also provides sophisticated genetic analysis services for intellectual property protections, variety identification and custom genetic work. Using the services they provide, customers save money and produce fruit and revenue years sooner; the average grower with 300 acres increases their revenue by almost $500,000 per year.

The company also expects to save nearly 220 million gallons of drinking water in 2015 by using 1 gallon to make a plant compared to >50 gallons with conventional propagation. On top of that, the additional trees produced through Phytelligence will absorb enough CO2 from the air to offset 500,000 cars on the road.