EVENT: “Local Innovation and Investment: Adapting to a New Energy Reality”

Jefferson County Energy Lunch

At the Energy Lunch presentation on January 14th, 2011, a large number of people in Jefferson County were put on notice that changes in energy are coming here. In his presentation entitled “Peak Oil: Challenges, Options and Opportunities,” Jim Hansen of Ravenna Capital Management in Seattle, set forth nine local challenges that arise from emerging limits on the national/global supply of non-renewable petroleum – challenges that include learning to think about the problem, the direct hit on transportation costs, the increased impact on rural areas, and finding energy sources capable of replacing petroleum.

Jefferson County is responding to the energy challenge and revisiting the bigger picture in the process.

The Key Speaker at November’s Energy Lunch is a national authority who is uniquely positioned to comment on local energy action projects and to offer a vision of additional opportunities and organizational approaches in the development of new energy options.

Jan Lars Mueller, Executive Director of ASPO-USA (the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas USA), has organized national conferences on peak oil issues and responses and lobbied the US Congress to recognize the reality of oil and gas limits. Mr. Mueller will present scenarios and strategies for local innovation and investment in new energy supplies and systems.