Funding Opportunity: State Energy Program 2013 Competitive Awardee Projects

The State Energy Program awarded nearly $4 million to 13 states to increase statewide energy savings and boost the energy efficiency of public institutions, local governments, and industrial sectors. Below is a list of projects under three areas of interest: Advancing Industrial Energy Efficiency, Stimulating Energy Efficiency Action in States, and Retrofitting Public Buildings. More information.

Area of Interest 4: Clean Energy Economic Opportunity Roadmaps

Washington (In collaboration with) Oregon Department of Energy Area of Interest 4 – Clean-Energy Economic Opportunity Roadmaps will assist States with
regional clean-energy economic strategic planning. Roadmaps are intended to help economic development stakeholders to coordinate, prioritize, and risk-assess their efforts to foster sustainably competitive, private-sector capacity in clean-energy manufacturing and services.
Regions are geographic areas and need not be contiguous or defined by political boundaries.
States are encouraged to partner.
Federal Funding: $264,247
Cost Match: $60,000
Total Cost: $324,247
Growing Washington’s Clean Energy Value Chain Washington will complete a detailed roadmap for the state’s clean energy sector, leveraging case studies and lessons learned from its partner, the Oregon Department of Energy. The roadmap will provide the framework for economic development goal setting, action planning, and implementation.