CLEW Update: Senator Ericksen and Rep. Short Submit Letter and Recommendations

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Recommended Policies:

  • Incentivize hydroelectric power generation
  • Replace fossils fuels with nuclear generation
  • Promote research and development (R&D) for new technologies
  • Encourage conservation under the Energy Independence Act (I-937)
  • Allow renewable energy credit banking under I-937
  • Modify fuel mix reporting system

Proposals for Areas of Additional Study:

  • Study consumption- and generation-based accounting of emissions
  • Complete currently insufficient analysis of costs associated with GHG reduction policies
  • Evaluate 2008 non-binding goals in light of Washington’s existing low carbon output

Continue the Climate Legislative and Executive Workgroup (Workgroup):

The Workgroup members have not yet made a formal decision on the continuation of the process. As such, we would like to offer the following proposal for formal approval:

1. Continue the Workgroup process for the coming year
2. Maintain the current Workgroup structure as laid out in the formational legislation
3. Focus on five major carbon reduction policies
4. Remove I-937 as one of the five areas of policy work
5. Complete the analysis of five policies as laid out in the formational legislation
6. Establish policy frameworks as a joint venture of the Executive and Legislative branches
7. Conclude Workgroup process in December 2014

We recommend that if three voting members of the Workgroup cannot agree on consultants and third-party reviewers of the data, up to two consultants and third-party policy reviewers may be selected for each policy area of focus with the approval of two members of the Workgroup. We are still open to negotiation on the continuation of the Workgroup, but we insist on a strong legislative role in the process.