CleanTech Alliance Urges New Clean Energy Fund Round: Letter to Director Bonlender

The following letter was sent by the CleanTech Alliance to Washington State Department of Commerce Director Brian Bonlender. 

November 4, 2014

Brian Bonlender, Director

Washington State Department of Commerce

2001 Sixth Avenue, Suite 2600

Seattle, WA 98121-2895

Dear Director Bonlender:

Thank you very much for your request for input into a proposal for a second Clean Energy Fund.  You will find attached a paper entitled Washington’s Clean Energy Fund:  Jobs for Today for a Better Future in response to your request.

We are very supportive.  We believe that the first effort was extraordinarily successful and should be the basis for an even more robust second effort.  We are eager to help in the shaping of this next round and in the advocacy for it.  We believe that it should be an important tool in the creation of new jobs and in establishing our state as a global leader in cleantech.

To respond to your request, our Government Affairs Committee took up the task of evaluating and responding.  Under the leadership of Chairman Daniel Malarkey of 1Energy Systems, the committee sought extensive input from our membership and from our Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors had significant input into the language and approval of the language.

I hope that this effort is of value to you and to our state.

Very truly yours,


J. Thomas Ranken

President & CEO

The Washington’s Clean Energy Fund:  Jobs for Today for a Better Future paper can be found at Washington's_Clean_Energy_Fu.pdf