Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RE3) Business Directory App ā€“ Beta Version

The U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. Department of Energy are collaborating to develop an interactive mobile app that will promote U.S. renewable energy and energy efficiency companies and the innovative solutions they are implementing around the world. 

Companies that offer qualified products or services (51% or more U.S. content) are invited to participate in the beta version of the RE3 app by completing an online survey. The purpose of this survey is to collect information on U.S. renewable energy and energy efficiency companies and the products and services they are marketing overseas. The information will be integrated with the app and participating companies will be featured in this innovative tool, which is designed to reach both citizens and potential commercial partners worldwide.

Through the survey, companies will have the opportunity to highlight up to three renewable energy and energy efficiency products or services. For mapping purposes, the survey will ask companies to list their U.S. headquarters, the markets in which the highlighted products have been sold, and three priority overseas markets for expansion or new business. Some information in the survey is being collected for internal vetting and administrative purposes.

The deadline to complete the survey which adds your company to the beta version of the app is February 20, 2015.