Xconomy on Putting Waste to Profitable Use: Carbon Fiber and Food Scraps

Xconomy’s Benjamin Romano attended the CleanTech Showcase 2015 and provided a nice write-up on two presenting companies – Impact Bioenergy and the Composite Recycling Technology Center in Port Angeles.

More than two dozen Washington companies and organizations presented solutions to save water, energy, and wasted material during the CleanTech Showcase, presented by the CleanTech Alliance on Monday. Two that caught my eye are focused on putting waste material to beneficial use, and doing so locally.

The Composite Recycling Technology Center in Port Angeles is aiming to reuse scraps of carbon fiber composite, which Washington’s aerospace industry produces in abundance. Impact Bioenergy, meanwhile, is making small-scale anaerobic digesters to put food waste to use where it’s generated.

Read the full article on the Xconomy website.