Field Notes: Briefing with MicroEnergy CreditsApril Allderdice of MicroEnergy Credits

MicroEnergy Credits is a social enterprise with strong links to Seattle.  It is  dedicated to empowering people in developing countries to make healthy, clean and affordable energy choices. MicroEnergy Credits helps microfinance institutions start clean energy lending programs, strengthens these with cloud-based technology and last-mile services, then scales them with carbon finance.

Typical loans go to finance the purchase of cleaner burning stoves, water purification systems (developed by Washington State based HaloSource), and solar lighting.  Biomass stoves can produce the equivalent of 90 cigraettes per day.  The vast majority of Indians experience power outages of 4-12 hours per day–and a quarter of the population has no connection to the electric grid.

MicroEnergy Credits is structured for sustainability and scalability as a for profit company with investment from social equity investors and foundational PRIs.

MicroEnergy Credits was founded in 2007 by cofounders James Dailey and April Allderdice, who saw the opportunity for microfinance institutions to start clean energy lending, given the right know-how, technology and start-up capital.

MicroEnergy Credits’ Board of Advisors consists of Dipal Barua, Beth Rhyne, Charlie Tomberg, Eric Berman (a member of our delegation), and Michael Lazarus. MicroEnergy Credits Board of Directors consists of James Dailey, Atish Babu, Mike Galgon, and April Allderdice.

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