Take Part: GLOBE 2016 Cleantech Energy Innovation Challenge

The GLOBE 2016 Cleantech Energy Innovation Challenge is a two-hour workshop for cleantech organizations capable of addressing challenges identified by Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA).

COSIA’s water and greenhouse gas (GHG) challenges are a call for technologies to improve water treatment and reuse in oil sands thermal facilities, and technologies to reduce GHG from various sources and processes, and improve energy efficiency in oil sands mining and thermal facilities. The focus of the workshop will be on building business relationships that can contribute to improving environmental performance in Canada’s oil sands. There will be opportunities (in a structured format) for one-on-one meetings with COSIA representatives following the workshop. The workshop/ one-on-one meetings are designed for high-potential innovators to engage with COSIA and learn about the technical aspects of its water and GHG Challenges.

The workshop is 8:30 am to 10:30 am during Globe 2016 on March 3 in the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, Vancouver, British Columbia. Workshop space is limited as are the one-on-one meetings. A concurrent webinar will be available for those not able to participate in person.

Participants will be given free access to the GLOBE Innovation Expo and will be granted access to the GLOBE MaX online B2B tool to provide their own profiles and learn more about the COSIA Challenges in advance of the GLOBE workshop.

Learn more at http://www.cosia.ca/challenges. Contact Carol-Ann Brown at cabrown@delphi.ca  for more information or to participate.