Take the Earth Day Challenge with EarthShare Washington

With extreme weather conditions hitting the nation, and 2015 being the hottest year ever recorded, climate change is the in the forefront of our minds. Earth Day is coming up and EarthShare Washington has an opportunity for you to help the planet.

The 3rd annual Earth Day Challenge is an opportunity for companies, communities and families to join together by creating teams that can contribute, volunteer or make personal pledges to take action to support the environment.  Your participation will benefit 21 local environmental organizations doing work right here in Washington to protect our environment.

EarthShare Washington’s fundraising goal is $65,500. Sign up your team today at www.earthdaychallenge.org.  It’s easy, fun, and most of all you’ll be making a real difference this Earth Day!


To take the Earth Day Challenge you may do one or all of the following options:

  1. Start a Challenge Team: Form a team at www.earthdaychallenge.org.  Encourage your co-workers, club members and associates to join your team.  Individuals can also participate and invite friends and family to participate. Setup your team fundraising webpage and set your goal. Make a donation or host a fundraising activity:   Make a personal donation or hold fundraising activities such as theme days, silent auctions, house parties or potlucks. 
  2. Volunteer:  Teams and individuals can participate in numerous volunteer opportunities offered by our environmental partner organizations. You can select from many opportunities throughout the region including trail clean-ups, park clean-ups, and other activities to help the environment. You can also “Plan Your Own Activity” and find a local issue to work on like a neighborhood clean-up. If you would like to combine your efforts, one hour of volunteering is equivalent to $10 in funds raised.
  3. Make a Pledge to “Do Your Share.”  Team members and individuals can make a pledge to “Do Your Share” with a short video.  Examples include pledging to ride a bike one day a week, to start composting, or live car free for a month.  We'll post these clips on our website and encourage people to post on their social media platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram).  Be creative and most importantly share your pledge, showing how a one person can make a difference.