Ecology Withdraws Proposed Clean Air Rule to Integrate Feedback

Earlier this year, the Department of Ecology proposed a draft Clean Air Rule that would cap and reduce carbon pollution in Washington State. The rule would help slow climate change and limit the projected effects on our state’s coastal communities, agricultural industries and drinking water supplies.

Since releasing the proposed rule, Ecology actively sought feedback to help inform and shape the draft rule. Some of the feedback, updates and refinements being considered are significant enough that Ecology has withdrawn the proposed rule to allow for more time to integrate suggestions before holding public hearings.  Key areas that will be updated include clarifying compliance options, transparency in the proposed credit system, and considerations for Washington manufacturers whose products are sensitive to global pricing.

"We appreciate all the helpful and constructive feedback we have received from stakeholders," said Sarah Rees, Ecology's special assistant on climate change policy. "We're listening and being responsive to the ideas on how to best move the rule forward."

Previously scheduled public hearings in March will be rescheduled to a later date, and Ecology will announce the new dates as soon as they’re available.

Ecology plans to finalize and adopt the Clean Air Rule this summer.