200MW/800MWh Energy Storage Station to be Built with RONGKE POWER’s Vanadium Flow Battery

The China National Energy Administration has approved the world’s largest energy storage station to be built in Dalian, China. Rongke Power will supply its Vanadium Flow Batteries (VFB’s) for the200-Megawatt, 800-Megawatt-hour (200MW/ 800MWh) station. The energy storage station will provide peak-shaving as well as form another load center for the Dalian peninsula, enhancing grid stabilization.

For the Dalian project, the China National Energy Administration performed several rounds of due diligence. Rongke Power’s vanadium flow battery was selected due to its advantages including reliability, full recyclability of the electrolyte, and more than 20 year life-time. These advantages had been proved in multiple Megawatt-class energy storage systems already built by Rongke Power to support wind farms in Liaoning province, where Dalian is located.

The200MW/800MWhenergy storage station is aimed to tackle peak-shaving challenges in the south area of Dalian, where the existing grid can be strained under extreme weather conditions. After full commissioning, the new VFB energy storage station will be able to peak-shave approximately 8% of Dalian’s expected load in 2020.  In addition, the large-scale station will form an additional load center, which will enhance grid stabilization including securing the power supply and black-start capabilities in the event of emergency. The integration of intermittent renewable energy is also anticipated, potentially in conjunction with other energy storage projects.

This project will accelerate Rongke Power’s mass production of its leading VFB’s and yield priceless further expertise on large-scale battery energy storage deployment.

About Rongke Power
Dalian Rongke Power Co., Ltd.is a vertically-integrated manufacturer of vanadium flow batteries. Jointly founded in 2008 by the Dalian Bolong Holding Group and the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics associated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the company is located in the Dalian High-Tech Zone in Dalian, China. 

Rongke Power leads the way in producing key battery materials and providing turn-key energy storage solutions. With a strong intellectual property portfolio, the company has deployed almost 30 energy storage projects in market sectors such as renewable energy integration, micro-grid, and isolated power systems. The new additional production facility of Rongke Power in Puwan District near Dalian covers an area of 110,000 square meters, with an initial capacity of300MWand subsequent phases with a total capacity of 1GW and 3GW, respectively.

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