Impact Bioenergy Wins with HORSE at Connect with CleanTech Happy Hour

Impact Bioenergy demonstrated the performance of its portable microdigester called the HORSE, at the Connect with CleanTech Happy Hour event last week. More than 100 cleantech industry professionals attended the event, which was held at Fremont Brewing.

The Impact Bioenergy HORSE employs anaerobic digestion to convert food/beverage "waste" into renewable bioenergy and organic biofertilizer. The project demonstration at Fremont Brewing West is sponsored in part by Seattle Public Utilities. Impact Bioenergy is commissioning more HORSEs this summer around the Puget Sound area at urban, suburban and rural locations. The company can produce several machines per month and is exploring scale-up partnerships with several complementary technology firms.

Impact Bioenergy has been awarded additional grant contracts from King County Department of Natural Resources & Parks (projects are listed here). The company is seeking R&D support from state and federal clean energy programs in order to build and demonstrate their larger system, dubbed the NAUTILUS due to its multiple cavities that expand capacity to 5,000 lbs. per day, 40 times the capacity of the base HORSE.