McKinstry Wins 2016 CleanTech Achievement Award

Doosan GridTech and the Washington State Clean Energy Fund Honored as Finalists


McKinstry accepts the
2016 CleanTech Achievement Award.

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CleanTech Alliance named McKinstry winner of the coveted CleanTech Achievement Award for 2016. The award, sponsored by Puget Sound Energy, was presented at the CleanTech Alliance Annual Meeting on November 10 in front of more than 300 business executives, investors and policymakers from across the Northwest region.

The annual CleanTech Achievement Award honors an organization or program for making significant contributions in developing the region’s cleantech industry. CleanTech Alliance members nominate deserving organizations. An independent panel of judges evaluates each nomination before selecting three finalists and one winner.

McKinstry, Doosan GridTech and the Washington State Clean Energy Fund were named 2016 CleanTech Achievement Award finalists. McKinstry was selected for its efforts to continuously innovate the clean technology landscape. In the past 50 years, the company has transformed how buildings are designed, built, operated and maintained for optimal energy efficiency and occupant health. One example is the recent partnership with Clise Properties and Amazon, creating the nation’s largest-scale heat recovery systems to cross property lines. This partnership, dubbed the “EcoDistrict,” transfers data center waste heat to offset 75 percent of the heat needed by Amazon’s new corporate headquarters across the street.

“McKinstry has become synonymous with innovation and epitomizes everything the CleanTech Achievement Award was designed to honor,” said J. Thomas Ranken, President and CEO of the CleanTech Alliance. “There is no question that McKinstry’s ongoing leadership has generated a tremendous and lasting impact on the cleantech market sector at the local, regional and national level.”

Each CleanTech Achievement Award finalist was highlighted at the CleanTech Alliance Annual Meeting with a short video outlining the merits of their nomination. These videos are now available online at:

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