Washington State Election Update and Results Overview

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There are roughly 4.26 million voters in Washington State. It now appears turnout in the general election may struggle to even reach 76%. So far, 2.536 million votes have been counted to date. It appears there may still be 709,000 votes to be counted statewide.

All results can be easily viewed on the Secretary of State’s website at www.results.vote.wa.gov.

Federal Offices

U.S. Senator Patty Murray (Democrat) easily won re-election as did all of the existing Congressional members, including:

  • Derek Kilmer (D)
  • Rick Larsen (D)
  • Jaime Buetler (D)
  • Denny Heck (D)
  • Adam Smith (D)
  • Dan Newhouse (R)
  • Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R)
  • Dave Reichert (R).

The State’s only open congressional district – that of downtown Seattle – has former State Senator Pramila Jayapal (D) receiving 56.27% of the vote over State Representative Brady Walkinshaw (D) 43.73%.

Statewide Offices

  • Governor: Governor Jay Inslee (D) defeated Bill Bryant (R). He now leads 55.08% vs. Bill Bryant’s 44.92%.
  • Lt. Governor: Senator Cyrus Habib (D) 54.8% will be our next Lt. Governor as he defeated Marty McClendon (R) 45.2%.
  • State Treasurer: Benton County Treasurer Duane Davidson (R) 58.37% defeated financial consultant Michael Waite, who garnered 41.63%.
  • Secretary of State: Incumbent Secretary of State Kim Wyman (R) prevailed over Tina Podlodowski (D). Wyman leads by 54.37% to 45.63%.
  • Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction: Former Representative Chris Reykdal appears to have defeated Erin Jones by 50.94% to 49.06%. This race has continued to narrow overnight. Now just 37,945 votes separate the two, out of 2.020 million cast.
  • Auditor: Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy (D) defeated Senator Mark Miloscia (R) by a 52.85% to 47.15% margin. Senator Miloscia (R) will return to the Senate.


State Senate

The Senate is currently controlled by a 26 to 23 margin by the Majority Coalition Caucus (MCC). (The MCC consists of 25 Republicans and one Democrat.) In 2016, there were toss up seats that were contested. Right now, control of the Senate appears to have narrowly remained with the MCC, which will now hold a 25 to 24 majority.

Here’s a look at the general election numbers for the five toss up seats:

  • 5th LD (Issaquah): Senator Mark Mullet (D) 51.89% still holds a lead over challenger Representative Chad Magendanz (R) 48.11%. Just 2,062 votes separate the two candidates.
  • 10th LD (Island County): Senator Barbara Bailey defeated Angie Homola 55.92% to 44.08.
  • 17th LD (Woodway/SW WA): Representative Lynda Wilson (R) appears to have defeated former Representative Tim Probst (D) by a 54.99% to 45.01% margin.
  • 28th LD (University Place): Senator Steve O’Ban (R) 52.86% defeated challenger Marisa Peloquin (D) 46.95%.
  • 41st LD (Mercer Island): Senator Steve Litzow (R) was defeated by Lisa Wellman 53.07% to 46.93%.

Two additional notes: Senator Pam Roach (R) 49.86% still trails Carloyn Edmunds (D) 49.91% in their race for the Pierce County Council. That said, Senator Roach gained significant votes overnight and now only trails by just 16 votes. If Roach prevails, she will be required to leave the Senate as Charter Amendment 44, which prohibits lawmakers from holding more than one office, passed by 81%.

  • In the 1st District, small businessperson Guy Palumbo (D) won election by a 59.21% margin.

House of Representatives:

The House of Representatives is currently controlled by a 50 to 48 margin by Democrats. On election night, there were 11 toss up seats going into the final days of the general election. Republicans held seven of those seats and Democrats held four. If the elections were finalized based on today’s results, Democrats would control the House by a 51 to 47 margin, but many races are still too close to call. Here’s a snapshot of the key races:

  • Open 5th LD: Paul Graves (R) 52.02% vs. Darcy Burner (D) with 47.98%. Graves gained support overnight, and now leads by 2,177 votes. Graves won this seat, and Burner conceded.
  • 5th LD: Representative Jay Ronde (R) 50.77% moved ahead of challenger Jason Ritchie (D) 49.23%. Representative Rodne appears to have narrowly won this race, as he again gained votes overnight. His lead is now 821 votes. This race may well go to a recount.
  • Open 17 LD: Vicki Craft (R) 51.45% vs. Sam Kim (D) 48.55%. Craft extended her lead overnight to 1,500 votes and she now appears to have won this race.
  • Open 19th: Teresa Purcell (D) 50.09% is leading Jim Walsh (R) 49.91 in this seat that is currently held by the Democrats and at this point only 83 votes separate the two.
  • 26th LD: Representative Jesse Young (R) 56.1% defeated former Representative Larry Seaquist (D) 43.9%.
  • 28th LD: Representative Kristine Kilduff (D) 54.71% defeated challenger Paul Wagemann (R) 45.29%.
  • 30th LD: Challenger Mike Pellicciotti (D) 54.61% defeated Rep. Linda Kochmar (R) 45.39%.
  • 30th LD: Challenger Kristine Reeves (D) 51.35% appears to have defeated Representative Terri Hickel (R) 48.65%. This race is currently separated by 923 votes as Representative Hickel gained 168 votes overnight.
  • Open 31st: Phil Fortunato (R) 57.61% defeated Lane Walthers (D) 42.39%.
  • 44th LD: Representative Mark Harmsworth (R) 53.59% defeated Katrina Ondracek (D) 46.41%.
  • Open 44th LD: Former Representative John Lovick (D) 52.62has defeated Janice Huxford (R) 47.38%.

Statewide Ballot Measures

  • I-732: This initiative proposed to establish a tax on carbon related energy sources in Washington State. The measure is failing by a 59.25% to 40.75% margin.
  • I-1433: This measure will raise the minimum wage from $9.47 per hour to $13.50 over the next four years and has passed by a 58.05% to 41.95% margin.
  • I-1464: This measure would establish a public financing of campaigns mechanism, significantly prohibited lobbyists and government relations employees of associations from advising their clients on campaign issues. This measure presently failing by a 53.51% to 46.49% margin.
  • ST3: This measure proposes $54 billion in transit spending over the next 25 years. The measure, which covers parts of Pierce and Snohomish Counties and all of King County, relies on a significant increase in property taxes as well as sales tax and motor vehicle excise tax revenues. This measure will build light rail to Everett, Tacoma and Issaquah. The measure is now passing 54.29% to 45.71%.


Looking to 2017, there will be at least three special elections next year:

  • 45th LD Senate (due to death of Senator Andy Hill (R))
  • 48th LD House (due to Senator Habib (D) being elected to Lt. Governor)
  • 37th LD House (due to Senator Jayapal (D) being elected to Congress)

Appointments to these seats will be completed in the next few months. Individuals appointed to these seats must run for election in 2017.