In Support of the Solar Jobs Bill

CleanTech Alliance Urges the Washington State Legislature to Pass the Solar Jobs Bill (HB 1048 / SB 5499)


CleanTech Alliance endorses the Washington State Solar Jobs Bill (HB 1048 / SB 5499) currently under consideration by the state legislature. Investing in solar jobs is good for our residents, our businesses and our economy.

Demand for solar in Washington State is strong, but legislative uncertainty is holding back our solar potential. The proposed Solar Jobs Bill delivers cost-effective stability.

Since 2006, Washington State’s solar program has been enormously successful, delivering:


  • 84 MW of solar installed
  • 13,000 solar-equipped homes and businesses
  • 3,700 family-wage jobs in solar manufacturing, system design and installation

That program is in need of updates to correct efficiency and capacity limits, including:

  • Solar prices are dropping, so the state incentives should too.
  • Many of Washington’s 60+ utility districts have reached capacity, locking out new solar owners. Home and business owners across the state don’t have equal access to solar.

With the proposed Solar Jobs Bill, the Washington State Legislature has the opportunity to:


  • Get five times more solar per dollarthan the current program can deliver.
  • Leverage every $1 invested into $16 to $20 in economic activity (WWU).
  • Save the 3,700 solar jobs already created.
  • Create 2,875 additional solar jobs.
  • Generate $150 million in payroll. (The average solar job pays $50,000 per year.)
  • Deploy 115 MW of new solar in first three years.
  • Keep $86.2 million here in Washington State through federal tax credits.
  • Deploy $25.8 million in new sales tax revenue to local towns.
  • Protect 13,000 existing solar owners.
  • Curb climate pollution, keep our air clean and ease the burden on Washington’s dams (data).

Nationally, solar is adding jobs 12 times fasterthan the rest of the economy. But legislative uncertainty means Washington State is missing out. Contact your legislator to voice your support for the Solar Jobs Bill.

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