Apply to Participate in Green Chemistry Product Showcase

Highlight your innovations to industry and academic scientists and leaders in the green chemistry community!

In keeping with the 2018 Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference theme, Product Innovation Using Greener Chemistries, the ACS Green Chemistry Institute is inviting companies to participate in a unique event—a green chemistry product innovation showcase.

Integrated into the popular GC&E Poster Session & Reception, the Showcase will feature companies who are using the design principles of green chemistry and engineering to create or contribute to innovative products. Participating companies will present a “hands-on” display of the product and describe the products greener technical innovations.

Interested companies can submit abstracts through February 12. Abstracts should include: 

  • A picture or link to your product*
  • Description of how the principles of green chemistry & engineering were used in the creation of the product.
  • Answers to the following questions:
    • How does the product improve the health, safety and/or environmental impact compared to existing products?
    • What are the scientific or process innovations that went into this product?

*We want this to be a “hands on” showcase. If you are a B2B, please try to give an example of an end consumer product. For example, if you make a biobased polymer, display an example (or several) of what it’s made into. Contact GCI@ACS.ORG if you have any questions.


Learn more and submit abstract here