Infinity SAV USA Acquires Patent for Excess Energy Generator

Infinity SAV USA recently acquired a US patent, in a transaction valued at over $3 million, that protects its generator technology that “produces several times more power than it takes to operate”. The generator is powered solely by permanent magnets. Infinity’s US Patent 7,095,126 B2 is the first patent issued for a motor and generator/alternator feedback loop combination that continuously produces excess energy.

The patent protects Infinity’s base technology and Infinity plans to file additional patents on its proprietary electronics and control algorithm. Infinity believes its generator will stop Climate Change by eliminating CO2 from electricity generation and transportation, and will cut the cost of power by 50%.

The company’s working generator prototype is powered by permanent magnets and produces 3 kW of excess energy. Starting with a working prototype, Infinity plans to design and build a 20 kW electric generator to power homes or small businesses and last 20 years.

Everyone wants to know how it works. The invention consists of an electric motor and magnetic generator. The motor is used to run the magnetic generator up to 1500 RPM, then the motor is disconnected from the power outlet. The demonstration video the magnetic generator produces all the power for the motor, lights, fan, and heater.

The generator has permanent magnets in the stator and coils of copper wire in the rotor inside. When a magnet approaches a coil of copper wire, it induces a like polarity in the coil. Like polarities repel each other (North repels North) and this causes the generator rotor to spin and to produce electricity.

The second question is: “where is the energy coming from?” Magnets are caused by quantum mechanical spin of unpaired electrons. The company believes their generator conforms with the Law of Conservation of Energy on the quantum level by transferring the energy from the electron spin in magnets to physical spin of the generator and into electricity. (Electrons really don’t spin, it is just shorthand for ‘maintaining their magnetic dipole moment.’)

The next step is to use modern computer engineering and FEA to design a larger generator. This new energy source is cheap, clean, renewable, and operates 24/7 producing electricity with no CO2. These generators could be used to power a house, charge the battery of electric cars, or provide power in remote locations. Infinity says the generator will dramatically decrease the cost of electricity and stop pollution benefiting everyone, especially the poorest among us.

More information can be found by visiting, or contacting Gary Tripp at 1-206-383-2245, or

7 thoughts on “Infinity SAV USA Acquires Patent for Excess Energy Generator

  1. I would like literature if possible on the 20 K unit I’m wondering if the state regulations of my state of Connecticut will allow me to run that type of generator and can anybody else control the power output but me and can you pair 220 K units

  2. I do believe Science/Technology and engineering skills are at the cusp of developing such a free energy system, and, of course, such a system installed in the average home would not require a meter to be hooked up.
    I also believe that the Western World, as we know it, is maintained and closely coupled to energy generation and usage.
    If such a system is viable, National suppliers of electrical energy will prevent by various means, the introduction of such systems. A typical scenario would be to have such a system installed in to an electric motor car, thus requiring no fuel whatsoever !. This will not please the oil producers, will it ?.

  3. I take it no one here has ever studied physics, this violates the first 2 laws of thermodynamics. The problem with any permanent magnetic motor is called cogging torque. Perpetual motion, over utility, are not possible, do not be scammed and throw away your money. Companies like this come along get a few investors then go to a non extradition country , then when they run out of money they change their name revamp the scam and repeat the cycle.

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