Washington State Legislative Session: Week 4 Update

Guest Contributor: Brad Boswell of Boswell Consulting

The table below gives an update on the status of current Senate and House bills related to energy, R&D, economic development, utilities and carbon.

Bill # Abbrev. Title Short Description Status Sponsor Priority
SHB 1233 Distributed energy Enabling electric utilities to prepare for the distributed energy future. H Rules R Morris  
HB 1335(Dead) Transp. electrification Concerning the electrification of transportation infrastructure. H Tech & Econ De Tarleton High
HB 1372(Dead) Greenhouse gas framework Updating the framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Washington based upon best available climate science. H Environment Farrell High
HB 1458(Dead) Electric energy perf. basel. Concerning electric energy performance baselines. H Tech & Econ De Fitzgibbon High
HB 1497 Coal electricity conversion Providing sales and use tax exemptions, in the form of a remittance of tax paid, to encourage coal-fired electric generation plants to convert to natural gas-fired plants or biomass energy facilities. H Finance Walsh High
ESHB 1809(Dead) Alt. fuel comm. vehicles tax Concerning tax credits for clean alternative fuel commercial vehicles. C 116 L 17 Fey High
SHB 1894(SB 5630) High-technology research tax Reinstating tax preferences for certain high-technology research and development. H Finance Sullivan High
HB 1963(Dead) Electric meter-based perf. Concerning electric utility meter-based performance programs. H Tech & Econ De Doglio High
HB 1964(Dead) Clean energy financing Concerning clean energy financing. H Local Govt Doglio High
SHB 2280(SB 6130) Community solar gardens Concerning community solar gardens. H Rules R Morris High
SHB 2283 Clean energy Encouraging investment in and reducing the costs of transitioning to the clean energy future. H Finance DeBolt High
HB 2299(SB 6032) Supp. operating budget Making supplemental operating appropriations. H Approps Ormsby High
SHB 2319 Energy conservation programs Concerning energy conservation programs under the energy independence act. H Rules R Doglio High
HB 2328 Clean car standards & prog. Reducing emissions by making changes to the clean car standards and clean car program. H Approps Morris High
SHB 2338 Greenhouse gas/transp. fuels Low Carbon Fuel Standard H Trans Fitzgibbon High
HB 2339 Electric truck tractors Encouraging the purchase of all electric truck tractor vehicles. H Finance Condotta High
HB 2340 Alternative fuel vehicle tax Extending the sales and use tax exemption for certain alternative fuel vehicles. H Trans Condotta High
HB 2347(Dead) Zero-carbon electric grid Requiring electric utilities to provide reports on the lowest cost, lowest risk options for a transition to a zero-carbon electric grid. H Tech & Econ D Smith High
HB 2402 Energy independence act Concerning the energy independence act. H Approps Tarleton  
SHB 2410 On-bill repayment programs Allowing the energy savings associated with on-bill repayment programs to count toward a qualifying utility’s energy conservation targets under the energy independence act. H Rules R Doglio  
HB 2412 Procurement/buy clean Creating the buy clean Washington act. H Cap Budget Doglio  
SHB 2510 Electrical net metering Concerning net metering. H Rules R Morris High
SHB 2580(SSB 6449) Renewable natural gas Land fill Gas H Finance Morris High
HB 2653 Alt fuel vehicle tax exmptns Modifying the alternative fuel vehicle sales and use tax exemptions for the purposes of expanding the exemptions and amending related provisions. H Finance Fey High
HB 2749(Dead) Rural internet infra./taxes Allowing a local sales and use tax as a credit against the state sales tax for rural high-speed internet infrastructure without increasing the total sales and use tax rate. H Tech & Econ D Orcutt  
HB 2782(SB 6434) Electric-assisted bicycles Concerning electric-assisted bicycles. H Trans Kilduff  
SHB 2814 Retail electric bill afford. Studying state policies and programs that impact the affordability of retail electric bills in Washington state. H Approps Smith  
SHB 2897 Dist. energy & trans. elect. Concerning electric utility plans for distributed energy resources and transportation electrification. H Rules R Morris  
SHB 2931 Energy efficiency Increasing energy efficiency. H Rules R Doglio  
SHJM 4008 Eastern intertie rate design Requesting that the Bonneville Power Administration consider a rate design for the Eastern Intertie that eliminates or reduces the transmission rate associated with that part of the Eastern Intertie known as the Montana Intertie. H Rules 3C Morris High
SB 5467(Dead) Nuclear energy as alt energy Including nuclear energy in the definition of a “qualified alternative energy resource” for the purposes of RCW 19.29A.090. S Energy, Environ Brown High
SB 5468(Dead) Nuclear energy/st. strategy Including nuclear energy in the principles that guide development and implementation of the state’s energy strategy. S Energy, Environ Brown High
SB 5509(Dead) (HB 1646) Carbon tax Promoting an equitable clean energy economy by creating a carbon tax that allows investment in clean energy, clean air, healthy forests, and Washington’s communities. S Energy, Environ Carlyle High
SB 5630(SHB 1894) High-technology research tax Reinstating tax preferences for certain high-technology research and development. S Ways & Means Braun High
SB 5716 Electric vehicle charging Addressing electric vehicle charging infrastructure. S Transportation Chase High
SSB 6080 Transp. electrification Concerning the electrification of transportation. S Ways & Means Palumbo High
SSB 6081 Distributed generation Concerning distributed generation. S Rules 2 Palumbo High
SSB 6187 Transp. electrification Concerning the electrification of transportation. S Rules 2 Carlyle  
SSB 6203 Carbon pollution Reducing carbon pollution by investing in rural economic development and a clean energy economy. S Ways & Means Carlyle  
SSB 6253 Renewable energy standard Establishing a clean, efficient, renewable energy standard. S Ways & Means Ranker  
SB 6285(Dead) Hazardous substance tax Creating the hazardous substance tax stabilization act. S Energy, Enviro Palumbo  
SSB 6350 Geothermal resources Promoting renewable energy by advancing the development of geothermal resources. S Ways & Means Brown  
SSB 6424(SHB 2839) Electric & nat gas companies Authorizing an alternative form of regulation of electrical and natural gas companies. S Rules 2 Carlyle  
SSB 6449(SHB 2580) Renewable natural gas Promoting renewable natural gas. S Ways & Means Warnick  
SB 6477(Dead) (SHB 2413) Voluntary alt. energy option Concerning the voluntary option to purchase qualified alternative energy resources. S Energy, Enviro Rolfes  
SB 6563 Aviation biofuels work group Reestablishing the sustainable aviation biofuels work group. S 2nd Reading Billig