Xextex Offers Efficient, Longer-Lasting HVAC Air Filter

Air X-TEX™, Xextex Company’s patented HVAC high capacity, heavy duty, mechanical MERV 8 air filter invention, is the first air/furnace filter to utilize as its principal component, a filter media made from upcycled PET plastic bottles and packaging. Built-in fabric waves create increased dust holding capacity which greatly extends the filter’s life and performance.

Extensive Air X-TEX filter field testing results have shown the MERV 8 filters to be more efficient and longer lasting than conventional air filters, while being competitively priced.
Air X-TEX filters reduce energy costs and CO emissions from energy production and consumption, by over 17 percent, based on national averages.

Learn more at: https://www.xextex.com/products/air_xtex.html.