Happy Mondays: The CleanTech Innovation Showcase 2018

Oxymoronically titled British alternative bands aside, how can a Monday be happy in the midst of American Armageddon 2018? Thanks to 24 early and growth stage companies from all walks of the cleantech sector answering the question, “Who are you, and why should I care?” Monday has turned out to be the best day of my week so far.

I don’t know if any or all of these businesses can scale and make a go of it, but the optimism on display at the CleanTech Alliance annual Showcase was infectious and a welcomed respite from the madness and non-stop outrages of the day which are making me wonder what has become of us?

One of the main reasons I devote the bulk of my professional life to sustainable businesses is not just because they are a welcomed antidote to pessimism and cynicism, but because the diversity of ideas out there to make the world a habitable place is really astounding. When you use the word ‘sustainability,’ most people think about recycling and solar panels (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but this group is made up of a marriage of systems thinkers and dreamers.

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