2018 Showcase Recap: ChargePoint and UniEnergy Technologies

Guest Contributor Winston Kelly, UW Master’s of Public Administration Student, Environmental Advocate

The following companies gave presentations at the 2018 CleanTech Innovation Showcase. Twenty-four companies and organizations presented as part of the full-day event that convenes the top cleantech innovators and leaders from across the region.


Jason Smith, the regional director of northwest sales at ChargePoint, presented about this smart charging company that services businesses and individuals alike in their pursuit to ditch the pump in favor of electronic vehicles. Chargepoint is more than just another electronic charging station. It boasts new technological features that allow it to more easily integrate with existing infrastructure, saving users the hassle and high cost of upgrading their transformers and other grid apparatuses. Chargepoint also has great features for users, including DC charging compatible ‘Super-charge’ that pushes a drained battery back to full charge in about 25 minutes. Their new waitlist feature also allows users to enter into a queue and save their spot at the station. Even though Stations get filled quickly, waitlist promotes access and sends users notifications on their phone when their spot opens up.  This feature also promotes etiquette between users and keeps the station rotating so more people can get their charge. I left their presentation reflecting that Chargepoint provides a streamlined experience for users and owners alike, it’s a great step towards a greener future!

UniEnergy Technologies

Russ Weed, VP of Business Marketing for UniEnergy Technologies (UET), presented about the company’s innovative battery solutions. UET’s newly debuted v3  battery is about the size of a mini fridge and modular, allowing it to be deployed in a host of hard to reach locations. They use Vanadium instead of lithium in their battery’s giving them a number of safety advantages, particularly around fire safety. UET places a premium on working with their clients to find the right solution and specializes in providing battery options for microgrid locations. I was struck by the variety of on-site photos used in the presentation, it really was impressive to see the huge diversity of applications that their batteries are suitable for. In the race to couple compatible and varied battery options for the growing sustainable energy needs in the U.S. and abroad, UET seems to be making great strides.

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