2018 Showcase Recap: Seinergy, LLC.

Guest Contributor Winston Kelly, UW Master’s of Public Administration Student, Environmental Advocate

The following company gave a presentation at the 2018 CleanTech Innovation Showcase. Twenty-four companies and organizations presented as part of the full-day event that convenes the top cleantech innovators and leaders from across the region.

Seinergy LLC

Seinergy LLC, which was showcased by its founder Bob Gunn, is working diligently to address energy needs in the growing legal marijuana market. Gunn takes an approach that meets people where they are. Regardless of people’s feelings on the legality of marijuana, it is a fast-growing industry domestically and abroad. And it’s a very energy intensive process to grow marijuana commercially. Gunn’s consulting and advising helps growers find less energy intensive options to address their needs, including lighting, air conditioning, and dehumidification. To date, Seinergy has provided clients over 20,000,000 kwh of annual savings and over $4 million in utility funding. Additionally, their equipment can reduce energy consumption by about 15-30% annually. When many growers get more environmentally conscious equipment in their businesses, it adds up quickly and makes a big impact on the industry’s carbon footprint.

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