An Innovative Human Resource Approach to Staged RIFs

Source:  Resourceful HR Newsletter, October 25, 2018.

Innovative HR involves the implementation of new ideas and methods to better meet the ever-evolving requirements of an organization and its workforce. Bringing an innovative approach to HR requires anticipating future needs and adapting to those needs, rather than responding to an immediate crisis or situation. One area of HR that leaders may not want to think about involves reductions in force (RIF). But as a recent Seattle headline illustrates, “Starbucks plans corporate shake-up and layoffs, starting with senior execs,” no organization is completely exempt from RIFs.

Click here to read Kelly Mumma’s insights and reflections about how HR professionals can use innovation when assisting an organization that is downsizing their employee base. As Kelly explains, while difficult, a RIF doesn’t have to be a miserable experience.