Post I-1631 Conference Draws Large Audience

In cooperation with co-hosts, Audubon Washington and the Low Carbon Prosperity Institute, the CleanTech Alliance hosted a packed house discussion of carbon policy options in the wake of the defeat of I-1631 on November 28, 2018.

Photo by: Tim Reha
Photo by: Tim Reha
Photo by: Tim Reha
Photo by: Tim Reha
Photo by: Tim Reha
Photo by: Tim Reha
Photo by: Tim Reha
Photo by: Tim Reha
























Here is the agenda and speakers; presentation slides will be linked as available.

Polling Report – Dave Metz, FM3 Research

Panel Presentations: Methods of Reducing Carbon 40 minutes
Electric Sector

  • Goals and Motivations Behind a 100% Clean Standard – Kelly Hall, Climate Solutions
  • Net-Zero Electricity Standard and Electrification Opportunities – Chris Roden,
    Lewis County PUD and Member of Public Generating Pool


  • Incentivizing Congestion Relief and the Future of Automated Connected, Electric
    and Shared Vehicles – Scott Kuznicki, TranspoGroup
  • Opportunities for BioFuels and Role of Low Carbon Fuel Standard – Kent
    Hartwig, Renewable Energy Group

Sequestration: Role of Forestry and Sequestration Opportunities – Edie Sonne Hall, Three Trees
Research & Development:  Washington State Clean Energy Fund – Tom Ranken, Clean Tech Alliance

Policymaker Panel: Where To Next 

  • Rep. Gael Tarleton, House of Representatives
  • Rep. Richard DeBolt, House of Representatives
  • Rep. JT Wilcox, House Minority Leader
  • Rep. Jake Fey, House of Representatives