Op-Ed: Tacoma should give full support to 100-percent clean energy

Wednesday, December 5

[Washington Voters] know that climate change is real and a threat both to us and to future generations. They know it is such an enormous problem that an international response is necessary. But they also know we cannot wait and that we must begin addressing climate change now, and at the local level.

So what’s the alternative?

Polls show that Washington voters support moving to require 100-percent clean energy in our state. The Legislature will be considering a policy that phases out coal-generated electricity by 2025 and leads to carbon neutrality by 2030.

It would phase in electricity generated from solar, wind, hydro and other clean and renewable resources, reaching 100-percent clean by 2045.

Other West Coast states – California and Hawaii – are already requiring their utilities to use 100-percent fossil-free electricity by 2045. California currently has about 62 percent renewable electricity on its grid, but only 15 percent from hydro.

Washington starts out with a clear advantage with 74 percent clean energy, 60 percent from hydro. Oregon is also considering this. Our states together can have a significant impact.

We know there is urgent need for action. A requirement for 100-percent clean energy is a tangible step that is readily achievable. Change can begin at home at the grassroots level.

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