West Richland solar project is about generate its 1st electricity

Wednesday, December 5

Electricity generated by the 30.2 kilowatt solar project will be credited to the electric accounts of 31 REA members who enrolled in the program.

In August REA members were given the chance to buy the energy produced from 550 solar units. One solar unit is about one-sixth of one solar panel used in the project.

West Richland Community Solar Project is located at 6102 W. Van Giesen Street. The electricity generated from the co-op solar panels will be credited to 31 Benton Rural Electric Association members who are enrolled in the program.
Noelle Haro-Gomez Tri-City Herald

The project sold out in eight days after enrollment opened.

The project will begin producing electricity after Hot Solar Solutions of Kennewick finishes construction early this month.

The solar panels are expected to produce about enough electricity to power 2.5 average-sized West Richland homes.

When the project goes live, hourly electric generation may be tracked at BentonREA.org/co-op-solar.

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