PNNL: CyberForce Competition Challenges Students to Defend Cyberattack

By Susan Bauer, PNNL, December 03, 2018.

Teams representing 14 colleges and universities from the Northwest, and as far away as Indiana and Texas, converged on the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory campus at the beginning of December, to compete in a contest over how to best defend America’s energy infrastructure from cyberattacks.

The teams competed against one another as well as against 55 other institutions competing simultaneously in similar environments at six other Department of Energy national laboratories across the country.

While the atmosphere in PNNL’s Discovery Hall may not have been as noisy or crowded as a college football stadium on a fall Saturday, the competition seemed no less intense, with team members continuously collaborating, strategizing and maneuvering to stay ahead of the changing threat, all the while maintaining an optimal balance between security and availability.

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