Asterisks Recap | CleanTech Breakfast featuring Eric Beckwitt of Freightera

“A Green Future for Freight”
Speaker:  Eric Beckwitt, CEO – Freightera

Recap by: Russ Weed, President – CleanTech Strategies

February 13, 2019

Some noteworthy comments from Eric’s presentation:

*  all about reducing friction

*  not about us, it’s about climate 100 years from now

*  as much about agroecology as anything else [see Eric’s slide 3]

*  freight often in “emissions commons” not covered by Paris Treaty, etc.

*  matter of implementing “slow steaming” (as a regular business practice)

*  discussion of branding – example of DHL in North America versus Europe

*  amazing conversation with industry player – wants sustainable electric rather than gas hybrid

*  people voting with wallets – must cost same or less

*  drive demand to lowest emissions now, foster technology adoption

*  no reason to burn so much sludge (bilge oil in ships) – equivalent of billions of cars

*  explain rather than tell people what to do – that moment of people getting it and moving

*  how to minimize cost impact of electrification – increasingly local electricity generation

*  solution of physical internet – packetization of freight (generic boxes with IP addresses)