ImTrust is looking for a Sales VP with B2B/B2C Startup Experience

Stake: Co-Founder with vested equity.

Job Description: An experienced startup Sales Leader to manage day-to-day Sales & Investor operations of the ImTrust product line. The right candidate must be ready to co-build and model a great company culture, demonstrating inspiring leadership, whilst establishing a productive working relationship with the founder and board of directors to set the course and manage day-to-day investor & sales operations; so we can grow ImTrust to be exit-ready.

Key Roles:
1) Culture: Our Team Goal is to create a solid, reliable diversity-, design- & metrics-driven culture. Cultivating dignity, clarity and graciousness, mutual respect, high trust and a flat structure with as few layers as possible. Diversity is a core value, and there are no management corner offices. Service, operations, finance, designers and engineers define and ship products together. We all work as a team, monitoring metrics together, looking for great fit and opportunities to delight our customers. To Be the Change, we walk the talk.

2) Sales & Investor Pitching/Relations: Cold-calling for Earliest Pain-Sorting. Public-Speaking, High Emotional Intelligence and Relationships Skills to manage deal flow (Investor Networking/Sourcing/On-Boarding) and post-investment reporting to founder, board, investors and regulators.

3) Operations Cash flow: Monitor & manage revenue, expenses and external financing to maintain prudent, disciplined growth. Candidate will be well-versed in financial performance monitoring (dashboards, metrics, margins, ratios, etc.) to oversee deal flow, accounting, tax and business reporting. Candidates need moxy and the willingness to think ‘outside the box’ within the framework of law. We need you to test the bounds of convention to help work out deals that mutually work for the company, the investor, and securities’ regulators. We do not cut corners. Imagination and diversity creates better solutions.

4) Guide: Coach and support Founder for:
a) Operations, Product, and Branding Management
b) Team building/continually optimizing for team fit
c) Investor management/shareholder/board relations activities