Commerce launches “ScaleUp” program to help small businesses grow

Source: Washington Department of Commerce, May 6

OLYMPIA, WA — The Washington State Department of Commerce, in partnership with the Thurston Economic Development Council’s Center for Business Innovation, has launched ScaleUp, a new program designed to help established small businesses achieve financial mastery, operational efficiency and marketing expertise necessary to expand.

Patterned after the Thurston center’s highly successful program of the same name, the statewide ScaleUp course series offers business owners 35 hours of classroom instruction over five weeks (one seven-hour class per week). The focus is on performance, ensuring that participants acquire mastery in specific skill sets that will help them improve their business operations and generate additional revenue.

The ideal candidate for ScaleUp is a business owner whose company has been in operation for a year or more and has at least $75,000 in annual revenues.

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