Gasoline Vehicle Phaseout Advances Around The World

Source: Coltura, May 6

Here are the latest advances by various countries and the United States for a gasoline phaseout related to vehicles:

Non-U.S. Countries (and a province)

1.    British Columbia: legislation introduced to ban sales of new gasoline cars by 2040

2.    Denmark: plans to ban gasoline vehicles by 2030, and hybrids by 2035

3.    Egypt: working on plan to have only electric vehicles by 2040

4.    France: banning sales of gasoline vehicles by 2040

5.    Germany: Bundesrat passed resolution banning sales of new combustion engine vehicles starting 2030

6.    Ireland: plans to only allow sales of zero emissions vehicles starting 2030

7.    Israel: banning sales of new gasoline vehicles after 2030

8.    Netherlands: all new cars must be emissions-free by 2030

9.    Norway: plans to ban sales of gasoline vehicles by 2025 (currently 60% of new car sales are electric)

10.  Portugal: plans to stop selling new gasoline vehicles by 2040

11.  Slovenia: banning sales of new fossil fuel vehicles by 2030

12.  Spain: plans to ban the sale of vehicles running on fossil fuels by 2040

13.  Sri Lanka: plans to ban all fossil fuel vehicles from the roads by 2040.

14.  Sweden: plans to ban sales of gasoline cars after 2030

15.  Taiwan: banning sales of new non-electric vehicles by 2040

16.  UK: banning sales of purely gasoline or diesel vehicles by 2040 (but hybrids still allowed); Scotland: plans to phase out sales of new gasoline vehicles by 2032.

United States:

Federal:  In late November 2018, US Senators Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) introduced the federal Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Act, S. 3664. This bill would require that 50% of all new passenger vehicles sold in 2030 in the US are ZEVs. The requirement would ramp up 5% each year, to 100% of new vehicle sales by 2040. With 100% of new car sales being ZEVs in 2040, the vast majority of used cars would be ZEVs by 2050. The bill must be reintroduced in 2019 to move forward.


California: AB 1745, introduced in 2018, would have required all new passenger vehicles to be zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs) starting in 2040. In the face of strong opposition from the oil industry, it did not advance. AB 40 was introduced in 2019. It which would direct the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to develop a strategy for a 2040 ZEV requirement. There are many benefits of the gasoline phaseout in California.

Hawaii: SB 1338, introduced in 2019, would phase out sales of new gasoline vehicles starting in 2030.

New Hampshire: SB 275, introduced in 2019, would require converting the state’s government fleet vehicles to ZEVs by 2039.

New Jersey: A4819, introduced in December 2018, would set a goal of having 90% of all new vehicle sales be electric by 2040.

Washington state: HB 1832, introduced in February 2019, would require that all government fleet vehicles be electric vehicles by 2027.

District of Columbia:DC Act 22-583, enacted January 2019, requires that public buses and privately owned fleet vehicles be Zero Emissions Vehicles by 2045. 

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