2019 Showcase Presenting Company Recap – “Corning Air Treatment Systems and Application” with Corning

Presented by Huiqing Wu
Recap by guest-contributor Russel Choi-Pearce

Presenting for Corning Air, Project Manager Huiqing Wu introduced Corning’s Horizon 2020 Materials for Clean Air, an award-winning Air Particulate Filter (APF). The APF has a ceramic monolithic honeycomb design that uses its complex structure to keep particulate matter (PM) outflow below World Health Organization (WHO) standards. The APF stands out from standard filters because of its lower backpressure, 20-year lifetime, low energy use, ease of cleaning (simply use water), low cost, and adaptability in both indoor and outdoor settings. The WHO recently warned that air pollution is the biggest environmental threat to human health in many parts of the world, and Corning’s new APF was built in order to address this issue.  Corning presented at the Clean Tech Innovation Showcase seeking partners and collaborators to advance and implement their APF system.