2019 Showcase Presenting Company Recap – “Thermal Management Solutions for Energy Storage” with HOTSTART

Presented by Russ Weed
Recap by guest-contributor Russel Choi-Pearce

Presenting on behalf of HOTSTART, Russ Weed gave a talk showcasing their battery thermal management solutions. As intermittent energy sources such as wind and solar are included in the energy grid, energy storage is required for stable energy delivery. One of the dominant current solutions to energy storage are large lithium-ion battery storage installations.  But, a major drawback to Lithium-ion battery energy storage systems is the risk of fire caused by thermal runaway. South Korea, an innovator in lithium-ion battery storage, experienced 30 major fires due to thermal runaway in 2018 alone.  In response to such issues, HOTSTART has developed a rack mounted manifold system that uses liquid-based cooling and heating for arrays of battery modules to maintain the optimal operating conditions. This will help mitigate thermal runaway, increase battery lifetime, and maximize charging and discharging cycles.  HOTSTART is looking to increase their reach in a “what the market needs now” approach to energy problem solving.