Impact Bionenergy Named to 5 Top Waste Management Startups Out Of 327 In Smart Cities

Source: Start Us Insights

Waste-to-energy or energy-from-waste is an alternative energy source that can replace fossil fuels and recover energy from waste that otherwise ends up on landfills. Incineration, gasification, thermal depolymerization, pyrolysis, plasma gasification process, anaerobic digestion, fermentation, and other new technologies produce energy from waste. Seattle-based Impact Bioenergy offers bioenergy systems that convert organic waste materials into energy and fertilizers with zero waste. This is a hybrid high solids batch technology that can quickly process food, landscape, wood, cardboard, biosolids, and manure in a single step. It is tolerant of contaminants and integrates anaerobic digestion and composting in a single tunnel without moving the feedstock.

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