Impact BioEnergy Wins Exporting Small Business of the Year

Source: King County, September 27, 2019

The U.S. Census Bureau of Labor Statistics reported there were 71,070 non-farm firms with employees in King County during 2010, and 95% of these had 50 or fewer employees. The challenges to operating a small business are infinite and often daunting, but the collective contributions of small businesses are vital to the diversity and growth of the county’s economy. On behalf of all small businesses throughout the county, this award is given to the small business that best exemplifies the tenacity, perspicacity, and audacity it takes to successfully operate a small business.

Economies grow through trade, by exporting their products and services globally. This brings in income which allows wages to rise and the tax base for critical public infrastructure and services to grow. Consistent with the President’s National Export Initiative to double our nation’s exports in five years, this award recognizes the small business that has achieved significant increased international sales through existing and/or new international markets.

Exporting Small Business of the Year