The CleanTech Alliance Supports the Low Carbon Fuel Standard Bill

Source: Jon Okun & Lindsay McCormick, CleanTech Alliance, Feb 20, 2020

On January 16, 2020, the CleanTech Alliance Executive Committee voted to support the low carbon fuel standard bill, Washington HB 1110, subject to review of the final language.  The Alliance believes that the Low Carbon Fuel Standard issue is one of great import to the State of Washington and to the global climate debate.  We greatly commend all parties for considering this important issue and collaborating to create the best public policy possible. 

Low carbon fuel standards provide a way to combat climate change without radical policy changes. The current proposal aims for a 10-16% reduction in carbon intensity by 2030 in exchange for changes to the transportation fuel supply. [1] [2] Implementation of these measures in other regions has led to growth and innovation in alternative fuels markets like biofuel, of which the Puget Sound is a significant producer.

Previous low carbon fuel standard bills were feared to adversely affect fuel prices, but California’s economy—the 5th largest in the world—has continued to grow after its enactment. According to recent studies, “spill over benefits” from the low carbon fuel standard include saving Californians $837 million in 2020 as a result of increased diversification and competition of fuel suppliers, and reduced fuel prices.[3]

Low carbon fuel standards have been implemented with success in British Columbia, Oregon and California. If Washington state were to adopt a low carbon fuel standard, it would create a united clean air corridor across the entirety of the west coast that promises better health for our citizens. Disadvantaged communities are disproportionately affected by poor air quality related to carbon-laden fuels and, as such, suffer from a myriad of diseases like cardiovascular illness, respiratory illness and lower birth rates. We believe that enacting a low carbon fuel standard may quite literally save lives[4] [5]The CleanTech Alliance is a business trade association made up of over 400 companies, research institutions, and organizations united in their support of the cleantech economic sector

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