CleanTech Innovation Showcase Day 1- Track #2 Recap

Source: Written by Lindsay McCormick, notes provided by Erica Elizabeth Eggleton

Presenting company track #2 of the CleanTech Innovation Showcase featured three companies, SBI BioEnergy, Exro Technologies, and 2S Water.

First, Dr. Inder Pal Singh of SBI BioEnergy started things off by talking about his company’s catalyst design and product development capabilities and how they can scale up. He talked about how low carbon hydrogen presents a global opportunity in a variety of industries from fertilizer to hydrogen fuel to metal refineries and more. Their technology is economically viable compared to Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) and has shown a 90% reduction in carbon compared to SMR.

Sue Ozdemir, the CEO of Exro Technologies gave the second presentation. Sue talked about how Exro’s mission is to use the minimum amount of energy to maximize results and how they make electric motors smarter. Exro Technologies was the first on the market to make an “intelligent” coil switching driver, which means that motors can get greater speed, power, and distance while reducing weight inside a powertrain. They have 17 patents internationally for their technology and are hoping to expand.

Anthea Sargeaunt, the CEO and co-founder of 2S Water was the last person to present in track #2. Anthea talked about 2S Water’s real-time data for water quality sensing and how their sensor scans the water every minute to overcome the problem of data delays. Their technology has various applications from mining to municipal uses to optimize the health and safety of water. 2S Water has three patents in process covering sensor hardware and Anthea is particularly excited about using their technology in the mining sector to provide a great ROI for clients and reduce their environmental footprint.

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