CleanTech Innovation Showcase Presenting Company Track #1 Recap

Presenting Companies during the Morning Session: Track #1 at the 2021 CleanTech Innovation Showcase featured three presenters that focused on Energy Capture/Generation: STARS Technology Corporation, Solaires Enterprises Inc., and HydroBee.

Robert Wegeng, President and CEO of STARS Technology Corporation, presented on STARS’ chemical transformers and the clean renewable hydrogen grid. Wegeng went into depth on how the industry is changing due to the use of hydrogen to compete within the gas industry at a competitive price. The transition from batteries to hydrogen will be economically beneficial for factories, filling stations, and power storage and is the main goal for STARS Technology to obtain by 2030. The main demonstration site for STARS first Chemical Transformer is in Thousand Palms, California, where the company has the opportunity to rapidly transfigure the natural gas grid into a cleaner, more affordable hydrogen grid.

Next, Sahar Sam, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Solaires Enterprises Inc., presented on the future of solar and the innovation of Perovskite-based products to maximize the power utilized. Solaires’ partnership with various institutions and the Government of Canada has been crucial in its growth toward increasing efficiency and flexibility of its solar panels. Solaires has focused its sales goals through the company’s innovations of SolarInk and PVFilm. Solaires is committed to investing globally in other solar companies. It currently has 44 patents within the American market and 30 trademarks within the U.S. and Canadian markets.

The final presentation of the Morning Session was by Burt Hamner, Founder and President of HydroBee. Hamner highlighted the newly repurposed technology that offers a thermo-electric generator that converts any fireplace, stove, or open fire into a power generator. HydroBee’s new technology creates healthier and safer kitchens by eliminating harmful gases and smokey air created while cooking. This new efficient stove makes USB charging power simultaneously while the product is in use.

Presenting Companies during the Afternoon Session: Track #1 at the 2021 CleanTech Innovation Showcase featured three presenters that focused on Energy Capture/Storage: Montana Technologies, Portable Electric Ltd., and KONTAK Inc.

Dan Gabig, Vice President of Montana Technologies, shared his company’s plans to expand atmospheric energy and water capture technology through new advancements. He spoke about the AirJoule, which is Montana Technologies newest innovation that can realize a three times greater efficiency for handling latent heat as compared to vapor compression systems. Montana Technologies is committed to finding solutions to “cool” a warming world, which is occurring, in part from rising temperatures, a rapidly growing global population, an increase in urbanization, and overall income growth accompanied by a rise in purchasing power.

Mark Rabin, Founder and CEO of Portable Electric Ltd., was the next presenter. Portable Electric prides itself in creating demand for mobile e-generators throughout the film, live events, construction, and municipal industries. Each portable power station charges within 2.5 hours and has a 10-15-year lifetime range. The future of Portable Electric is working on providing its cutting-edge technology for a new world. Portable Electric is also the global leader for having one of the fastest portable solar charging stations.

The session’s final presentation was by Bart Norman, founder of KONTAK Inc. The company is a pioneer in Hydrogen-on-Liquid-Carrier Technology and has developed a family of high-capacity carriers with near standard temperature and pressure. The company is currently exploring options to expand within the zero-emission commuter aircraft market through its various technologies. KONTAK’s technology is safer than that of its compressed liquid hydrogen competitors, while also being half the cost. KONTAK is utilizing an innovative fueling station that enables a faster infrastructure roll-out.