CleanTech Innovation Showcase Presenting Company Track #2 Recap

Presenting Companies during the Morning Session: Track #2 at the 2021 CleanTech Alliance Innovation Showcase featured three presenters that focused on Battery Innovation:  Moment Energy, Ecellix, and Astrolabe Analytics.

Edward Chiang, Co-Founder and CEO of Moment Energy, presented on what his company is doing in the battery innovation space. Chang emphasized how critical energy storage is but stating that the current solutions are too costly. This is where Moment Energy comes in, with providing affordable, and high-performance energy storage by repurposing end-of-life EV batteries. According to Chiang, repurposing will create affordable product, reduce lithium waste and establish a circular economy.  Moment Energy is currently focused in the OFF-Grid space but working towards being in the On-Grid space in 2022.

Next was CEO Jerry Schwartz and CTO Dr. Geoff Deane from Ecellix. Ecellix is made up of a team of They believe there is a disruptive market opportunity in the Li-on battery space. They presented on their eCell™ silicon enabled Li-On battery platform, claiming it is the future of portable power. The eCell is made of inexpensive materials, allowing the cost to be significantly lower. The eCell™ also has 30%-50% higher energy at a cost comparable to a graphite anode. Ecellix is moving into a new space, where they will be conducting pilot manufacturing and expanding their research.

Last up in the morning was Robert Masse, CEO of Astrolabe Analytics. Masse stated that they are hoping to play their part in data analytics within the battery innovation sphere by providing a seamless interface between data and decision making. They see an opportunity coming with electric aviation and have been looking at Air Force as a potential target. With this, Masse was happy to share that Astrolabe Analytics was recently rewarded with the USAF D2P2 SBIR contract, which includes funding of $750,000. Masse is very optimistic with where things are headed for Astrolabe Analytics and is open to collaborating on larger data science projects.

Presenting Companies during the Afternoon Session: Track #2 at the 2021 CleanTech Alliance Innovation Showcase featured three presenters that focused on Insights and Optimization: Clobotics, inteliGlas, and FREDsense.

The first presenting company was Clobotics from Business Development Manager, Guillaume Babo. Clobotics is a computer vision company for the retail and wind industry. Babo highlighted that Clobotics provides their customers with the insight they need to improve using specific software such as, drones. Babo played a short clip showcasing their blade inspection service for win turbines using a DJI M600. They have been using IBIS v3 technology but now have new technology, IBIS V4 and a DJI M300. This new technology will provide even better insight and performance.

The next presenting company was inteliGlas with CEO Scott Martin. Martin highlighted the technology, RipleyAI™, used as the brain of inteliGlas. With this technology, inteliGlas can deliver key outcomes to their stakeholders such as mitigating risks, bettering health, return on investment and sustainability. They are able to monitor every sensor and device in the building, remotely 24/7. Martin gave a demonstration on what inteliGlas can do by interacting with a building in California. The controls are simple to use and no certification is required.  Martin emphasized that installation is very affordable.

The last presenting company was FREDsense with CEO, David Lloyd. FREDsense is focused on building field kits to solve the many water quality challenges. The cost of current water testing methods is too expensive. Lloyd highlighted that their test kits are faster and cheaper than tests done in analytical labs. They have simple and streamlined testing by picking sensors, filling the cartridge, placing the detector then waiting for results. Lloyd emphasized that their technology used was patented and protected.