Jodi Guthrie, Global Director of Sales, SHARC Energy Systems

Jodi Guthrie is the Director of Sales at SHARC Energy, a multi-award winning clean energy company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Jodi began her career at the age of 17 working for Leading Technologies, a firm out of Washington State that took a prototype Boeing Space Program technology and turned it into an industry ready, physical rehab machine. During her time at Leading Technologies, Jodi worked in every aspect of the company including jig design, production, service, sales, accounting, and tax preparation.

After gaining valuable experience at Leading Technologies, Jodi became self-employed and launched new concepts and built markets in a broad range of industries. In 2006, her family and career began to shift and she accepted an offer to manage and develop new product lines for a distributor in Vancouver, Canada. Eventually, Jodi held positions with two industry-leading multinational companies, launching into the Canadian market place.

In 2018, Jodi was approached by SHARC Energy as a potential board member. However, it soon became clear to Lynn Mueller, CEO and President, that Jodi was the perfect addition to the SHARC team as Director of Sales. Jodi joined the SHARC team in November 2018 and has been instrumental in building immediate sales, the sales network across North America, SHARC brand awareness, internal sales support structure, and introducing thermal energy transfer powered by sewer and the SHARC Energy systems.

Jodi’s experience and expertise have been key to SHARC Energy’s success, positioning the company as a key clean energy solution across North America. Jodi’s efforts in building sales and brand awareness have helped SHARC Energy become recognized as one of the most readily available district clean energy solutions available.