Kirt Montague, CEO Plum Energy LLC

Kirt Montague is the founder, chairman and CEO of Plum Energy. Since forming the company in 2011, he has focused primarily on the development of small-scale LNG value chains to service the industrial and transportation markets. Plum is privately held, with just two outside shareholders, a large regional gas and electric utility company, and a Fortune 100 company that is engaged in the fueling business globally.

Before forming Plum, he was the founder, CEO and a board member of Prometheus Energy Group, Inc., a vertically integrated energy company founded in 2003. During his tenure, he led the development of several innovative, “first-of-kind” applications for small-scale LNG in the US and Poland, and helped create several new “off-grid” markets for natural gas, including the oil and gas drilling sector and the mining industry. He is widely viewed as a pioneer in the small-scale LNG space.

Currently, Kirt is the immediate past chairman and a current member of the executive board of the Washington Clean Technology Alliance, and also serves as a board member of Water Tectonics Inc. in Everett, Washington. Given the demands of Plum’s continued growth, he recently stepped down as chairman of the board for Gaseous Fuel Systems Corporation based in Weston, Florida and also from the same role for World CNG LLC in Kent, Washington.

In 2009, Kirt was recognized as one of the Top 25 Innovators and Entrepreneurs in Seattle by Seattle Business Magazine.

Kirt has a law degree from the University of Michigan, and a degree in Business Management and Finance from Brigham Young University.