Sustainability is Growing Jobs, like Hempitecture is Growing the Insulation Biz!

Photo of the Hempitecture ribbon cutting ceremony courtesy of Lisa Hecht

Source: Lisa Hecht, March 2nd, 2023

At the ribbon-cutting for Hempitecture, I learned a few things about the literally “growing” opportunities in sustainability.

First, any business can become more sustainable, as in the building industry. Hempitecture is making non-woven building insulation from industrial hemp, providing jobs for growers, factory workers, truckers, and ultimately, building contractors. It has incorporated as a Public Benefit Company. This business can potentially grow both business and ecosystem benefits. Tribes may be helping to grow the industrial hemp in the future.

Secondly, these businesses can bring benefit to underserved communities, including rural communities. This one is in Jerome, Idaho, known more for the dairy business than a high-tech, sustainable manufacturing business.

Thirdly, you don’t need a STEM degree to participate in the Sustainable business opportunities all around us. They need marketing, logistics, sales, HR and all the skills beyond the technical that bring a biz to market and keep the systems humming.

It was exciting to see all the pieces needed to bring this business to the ribbon-cutting moment: state legislation, Idaho Dept. of Commerce support, University of Idaho programs like IGEM, accelerators, Federal USDA and DOE support, Idaho Power’s Green Energy Program, and 1800 funders.

That, and a lot of persistence by a lot of people who believed in creating a more sustainable way to insulate our buildings!

It takes an ecosystem to raise a Public Benefit Corporation!

Additional photos from the Hempitecture warehouse courtesy of Lisa Hecht