Meet Our 2023 Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator Companies

CleanTech Alliance and VertueLab are looking forward to introducing its 8th cohort to the Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator program at the CleanTech Innovation Showcase. This 18-week program delivers cleantech-specific training in business model development, customer discovery, manufacturing, sustainability planning, prototyping, customer delivery, and more to entrepreneurs and early-stage start-ups located in or interested in the Northwest region. Mix and mingle with the new cohort!

Learn more about our 2023 Accelerator Companies below!

AirOmatix: AirOmatix has developed a novel, patent-pending, photochemical process for concentrating oxygen from ambient air. We can generate higher oxygen purity at greater flow rates than the legacy pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology.

Avol: Avol builds autonomous electric cargo aircraft that reduce air transport costs for logistics carriers like DHL, starting with interisland cargo deliveries between airports. Avol’s key differentiator is its novel blended-wing aircraft with massive internal cargo volume, which uses mostly off-the-shelf parts to achieve fast regulatory approval.

Credit Union Solar: We enable credit unions to make competitive solar loans under their own brands, and save solar consumers thousands by avoiding hidden loan fees charged by the most dominant solar lenders.

Day Zero Water: We make versatile UV water purification products for emergencies and daily use. Our products are designed to improve human health and reduce carbon emissions. It’s the smartest way to make safe drinking water for your family – anytime, anywhere.

Green Canary Software: We are dedicated to providing software that gives our customers the power to control their destiny as they navigate through the compliance jungle. We have distilled years of sustainable design and development consulting insight to develop cloud-based software that provides an intuitive approach to LEED compliance, Well protocols, and sustainable business practices. We want to change the game by leveling the playing field enabling small, minority, and individuals to have access to sustainable design and development practices.

Grengine: The Grengine™ Power System is an award-winning battery energy storage technology capable of taking on the world’s biggest energy challenges. Grengine’s™ plug-and-play battery system allows the replacement of greenhouse gas-emitting, high maintenance, diesel generators with silent, fumeless, and low-or-no-cost of maintenance batteries that can be charged by renewables or the grid.

Margik: Margik is creating the future where smart OrganicLEDs enhance our quality of life. Margik’s OrganicLEDs are made from Earth-abundant and safe materials, unlike current LEDs that utilize scarce and toxic elements. Our products enable natural lighting while decreasing power consumption by 23%, and reducing greenhouse emissions by 66%.

Ohm: Ohm offers a comprehensive EV home charging solution, streamlining the entire installation process. Our web-interface includes instant and accurate cost estimates, ensuring transparency in expenses. We connect customers with pre-qualified installers and top-rated charging equipment via a web interface, guaranteeing a reliable and efficient setup. Our end-to-end process coordination and expert assistance make the experience hassle-free.

Pacific Future Farm Network: We help local businesses get their products into the hands of their community at higher profits for producers and lower costs for customers. By decentralizing agriculture, PFFN can connect producers directly to their communities, helping to provide bigger profits for local businesses and better savings for everyone else.

Tall Oaks Environmental: Tall Oaks Environmental Research combines technology and database solutions with in-depth statistics and ecology research experience to solve data problems. To learn more about the ACORNS application and additional services Tall Oaks provides, visit our website.

Volterra: Volterra Technologies is developing a ‘first of its kind’ real-time EV battery health monitoring and management software to help fleet managers who are transitioning to electric vehicles, solve their battery health problems before they occur with EVCare, a virtual battery engineer in the cloud, saving time, resources, and money, with an added bonus of extending valuable battery life up to 15%.