McKinstry Cleantech Incubator Expanding

McKinstry is adding an 18,000 square feet of space and a conference center to its Innovation Center in Seattle.  The company recently opened an additional 38,000-square-foot center in Spokane.

“Our vision was to create a springboard for the green economy – from clean tech innovations, to the education sector,” said McKinstry CEO Dean Allen. “We are now realizing how this model can play an integral role in the advancement of our green economy.”  The Seattle facility has tenants Reklaim, E3 Washington, General Biodiesel, EcoFab, Hydrovolts, Washington STEM, Intersect, Everest Sciences, TreeFree Biomass Solutions, and Teach For America.  The Spokane facility will eventually house two dozen companies;  four companies will more in this summer.

“The model has not only shown that it works, but the demand has been inspiring,” said Tony Stewart, vice president in charge of the McKinstry Innovation Center. “We are expanding the concept strategically with our company into other markets as well.”

Sources:  McKinstry Press Release, May 2, 2012.  John Cook, Geekwire, May 6, 2012.