State Electric Vehicle Learning Network: National Governors Association Webinar

Background:  The State Electric Vehicle Learning Network (EVLN) is designed to help states share best practices and lessons learned that advance the deployment of electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs).  The National Governors Association (NGA) launched the EVLN at a workshop in July 2012 that brought together representatives from state governors’ offices with local officials and experts from industry, academia and national labs, think-tanks, and the federal government. For a summary of the workshop, see the NGA website.

About the EVLN Webinar Series

NGA will host a series of three initial webinars, starting in fall 2012, focused on the topics of consumer education and outreach, state fleets and public utility commission /utility engagement. All calls are 90 minutes in length, facilitated by NGA staff to engage participants in a discussion with the presenters and each other.  Materials from each webinar will be posted on the NGA website.

EVLN Webinar #1 – Education and Outreach to Engage Consumers

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Time: 1:00pm to 2:30pm ET

Webinar address for attendees: acceptance of PEVs is an important goal for ensuring widespread vehicle adoption. While there is significant consumer interest in PEVs, as with any new technology, potential roadblocks exist around public education and outreach. Studies show consumers appreciate the environmental benefits of driving an electric vehicle but harbor concerns regarding PEV vehicles battery range and access to charging options.The webinar will include speakers from the Electric Drive Train Association (EDTA) and Southern Company and aims to discuss today’s PEV market and share examples of comprehensive education and outreach programs that policy makers might find useful. Speakers include:

  • Brian Wayne, EDTA
  • Randy Johnson, Southern Company