PNNL Licenses Smart Grid Tech to Calico

Battelle / PNNLThe Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Calico Energy Services of Bellevue, WA, announced that Calico has licensed a portfolio of advanced energy management intellectual property developed by PNNL. The technology was licensed by Battelle, which manages PNNL for the Department of Energy.

The technology was developed in response to the critical challenges facing electric utilities today, including the need to improve reliability, reduce costs and integrate renewable energy. It coordinates large numbers of smart grid assets, including demand response, distributed generation, and distributed energy storage, typically owned and controlled by customers, to form a virtual control system with the smooth, stable, predictable response required by utility operators.

Calico Energy“PNNL’s technology represents a major leap forward in our nation’s ability to manage grid reliability, balance the ever-expanding complexities of our electricity distribution system, integrate renewables and engage consumers in energy savings programs,” said PNNL engineer Rob Pratt, who led the team that developed the licensed technology. “We look forward to seeing utilities and consumers benefit from this technology.”

Read the fully story at the source: PNNL Press Release, January 29, 2013.